Happy Clients!

“I feel so much more at peace thanks to Scott.

Before our conversation, I felt a great deal of frustration around a problem that had plagued me for a while, but Scott helped me to see it in a different light, and I was able to reframe the issue.

I felt a great weight lifted from me and shortly after our chat the problem ceased to be an issue for me. I couldn’t believe how it just sort of melted away. I thought it was something that would take a long time to sort out.

I’m a coach myself so I’ve had many of these conversations in the past, but Scott was the one who enabled that breakthrough, who knows how long I would’ve spent dealing with the problem otherwise!”

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Henry Malcom

“…Scott helped me recognise that I had laboured under the assumption that I had such a poor memory that I would always struggle to remember stuff.
He made me realise that the origins of this were in my primary education and was in fact an emotional defence mechanism rather than a brain issue.

I cannot over-emphasise how much this has changed my life. Learning and remembering anything was always a very stressful experience where fear of forgetting and failure was always present. After working with Scott I now feel energised and joyful about learning and quietly happy with the knowledge that I can learn and remember anything I choose.”

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Katy Meiklem

“…Scott can dig deep while also maintaining a balance of safety and depth of his coaching.
I never felt he was too much, yet we spoke about profound and heartfelt matters that were quite sensitive.

I feel grateful to have a coach who listens with compassion, empathy, and reflective, honest, and deeply caring. I feel comfortable with him because he is open, honest and leaves me feeling that he accepts me.

As a coach myself, I do not put my trust or faith in others without first testing the waters. Scott is trustworthy, honest, and real.

If you are looking for a coach that can help you get results in your life quickly, I highly recommend working with him.”

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Kevin Pedrey

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