Reflecting on the Spiritual Journey

What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual direction is for anyone who desires to be more intentional about seeking God and noticing His work in their life.

It is a space that we set aside to have a conversation, exploring the ups and downs of your journey, noticing where God has seemed present or absent to you.
Noticing and giving voice to our desires, our fears, our hopes, and our dreams.

It is not unlike counseling or talk therapy, but then, it is very unlike counseling or talk therapy.
Our goal in spiritual direction is your connection with God, your experience of God and the world, and how you want to respond as a result of what you are noticing.
For all three, we are interested in your internal movements (the things going on inside you) but while talk therapy and counselling are concerned with your emotional and mental movements, in spiritual direction we are primarily concerned with your spiritual movements.

Unlike counseling your director should not be trying to fix anything about you, unlike psychotherapy your director should not be trying to help you resolve past issues.
This is a journey, your journey. I am here to witness, to listen, and to offer observations and ask questions that help you explore the way that you view the world, yourself, and God. Questions that hopefully draw you closer to God, and closer to the love that He has for you.

What is a Spiritual Director?

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A Spiritual Director is someone who has sensed a call to accompany people on the spiritual journey, most have experienced harsh realities of the fallen world, and yet choose to find hope and solace in God’s loving embrace, we have felt the call of God to deeper spirituality and an ever deepening life of prayer.

I was trained in Contemplative Incarnational Spiritual Direction, and it is this model I will be sharing about. (there are many different schools and models that are called by the title Spiritual Director, which I will explore elsewhere.)
As part of training to be a Spiritual Director, they will also have undergone an intense period of Spiritual formation, a process which will be ongoing for the rest of their time as a Director and indeed, the rest of their lives.
A Spiritual Director will also have learned through training to notice evidence of The Holy Spirit in the conversation and experience of their Directees (clients), always looking for the Holy spark, the fingerprint of God, in each directee and each story.

Why Director?

The title of Spiritual Director can be confusing, which is why some Directors prefer the title “Spiritual Companion” or “Soul Friend”.
A director is someone who walks along side (accompanies or companions) you on your spiritual journey -Inviting you to notice things along the way, and directing your attention and focus back to God in your life.
A good Director will also help you give voice to your deepest desires, your hopes, your fears, and your dreams, helping you to encounter God, and yourself, in the longings of your heart.

A large part of what Directors do is listen to how our directees (clients) are experiencing God’s presence, or feeling the lack of God’s presence, in their lives, and how they choose to respond (or not) in prayer.

The questions that I ask my directees are therefore, centered around their experience of and with God in their daily lives.

Whether through prayer, song, community, nature, art, or relationships with family or friends.
There are many ways that God can reveal Himself to us.

Our relationship with God is deepened as we notice, observe, and focusing our attention with the intention of catching a glimpse of The God who Loves us and made us.
Believing that He is knowable and wants to be known by us.

What happens during a session?

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I typically begin my sessions by welcoming my directee, and after we have settled, we will enter a time of silence and reflection often including a scripture reading or a prayer.
Then I will invite my directee to share what feels important in that moment.

What follows is a conversation, but not the kind of conversation that we are used to in the western world. A spiritual direction conversation is a slower more intentional exploration of your experience.
The content matters less than the direction we are facing, my questions will be intended to bring your attention to what is happening within you and what God might be saying through those things that you notice. Drawing out the threads of your experience, we can begin to see the story and narrative that is unfolding in your life.

There may be decisions that you are facing, this can provide a focal point for our conversation, while I will never tell you what to do together we will explore your options and prayerfully consider where The Holy Spirit might be leading you.

But whatever the context and content of our session, we will together be looking for the glimmer of the Holy in the every day.

Next steps.

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If after reading this you would like to explore SD, or you just have more questions here are the next steps.

1. Send me a message or an email, (links for my social media and email below) you can ask me any questions you might have, and if it makes sense we can move forward to a call
2. Book a connection call. This is an opportunity for me to hear a little about you and your faith journey, you can also ask me any questions you might have
3. Finally, if it makes sense to both of us, then we will schedule our first call together and the journey continues.

After this we will schedule a session approximately once a month.

What do my directees say?

“I was drawn to spiritual direction as I felt the need for a space to reflect and connect with God. Being in leadership brings up all sorts of issues, and often taps into insecurities and past pain or trauma. Setting aside time for spiritual direction allows me to ask the most important questions in what I am going through – what is God saying in this? How is God revealing Himself and moving in my life?

We can often fill our lives with noise and busyness, so the discipline of putting spiritual direction in place has benefitted all areas of my life and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.”

Jamie – Senior Pastor

“There is just such a sense of peace. When we spend time in prayer, or when Scott stops the conversation to just sit and listen to Jesus, it’s just amazing.

I now have things that I can recall, experiences from our sessions that remind me that God is there. Not somewhere distant, but next to me.”​

Church member and spiritual seeker.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I attend Spiritual Direction and Counselling/Psychotherapy at the same time?

As long as you have the agreement of your psychologist/counsellor and your spiritual director there is no need to stop spiritual direction, however there may be cases where it is wise to focus on psychotherapy to the exclusion of other helps, in which case SD will be there when you return.

Is spiritual direction the same as counselling?

No, spiritual direction and counselling are different, but related, practices. Both use our lives (current and past) as the foundation for the conversation, and we are both interested in the internal movements within the client. While a counsellor will be interested primarily in emotional and mental frames and movements, in sd we are primarily interested in spiritual movements as expressed through your words and senses.
Sd also focuses the conversation, and our attention, on God and the work of The Holy Spirit more so than most counselling.

Who will Spiritual Direction help?

Many who seek out a spiritual director -whether one on one or in a small group, choose sd because they are looking to deepen their relationship with God, understand or work through a challenging situation, discern the way forward when faced with a big decision, or because they see the value in maintaining their spiritual health and a health connection with God (and see sd as a way to do that)
There are also certain vocations that benefit more, such as someone in a helping ministry, church leaders, people in prayer ministry, teachers, etc.

What will I gain with a spiritual director?

There is no one outcome that is experienced by every directee.
Every person is different, every journey is different, and God meets us differently at those stages with what we need.
What every client gains is someone who has spent time intentionally walking their own spiritual journey and has experience walking with other people, helping to normalize the stages of faith and life, and being able to provide perspective on the journey.

Connect via email.

“The journey of 1000 miles, begins with a single step.”

Chinese proverb

If you have read this far, thank you. I hope that you have found some clarity about spiritual direction, and how I help my directees.
Perhaps this is not the right time for you to join, that is fine and understandable. Remember that God is for you. He loves you just as you are, and wants you to grow more into who He created you to be.
You might have more questions. If that is the case bravo! questions are a vital part of the spiritual journey, why not send me your questions and we can explore them together, whether you decide to work with me or not, I would be honored to help you take the next step on your journey.

Until we meet, I pray you know the voice of the Father speaking Love over you, and that you learn to trust the Spirit’s wisdom in all that you do.

Yours in Christ.