Scott White – PT

Offering Personal Training and habit coaching at Puregym Castle Marina, Nottingham.

Hi, my name is Scott.

I grew up in the woods of western Canada and have always been active in the outdoors, whether that’s skiing, snowboarding, ice hockey, football, martial arts, swimming, paddle-boarding,  hill walking, or rock climbing, which I continue to be passionate about!

I have been a personal trainer since 2019, and I love helping people get started on their fitness journey or maximize their time in the gym.

For those of you who are new to the gym. Getting started can be scary. It can feel like walking into a school dance unprepared and totally lost, while everyone else seems to know what they are doing as if they took a secret class that you weren’t invited to.

In the gym there are lights and loud music, rows of machines that are just confusing to look at, at times the gym is full of people who seem rather intimidating…

If you are nervous about entering the gym I get it, and I cam be there to guide you through every stage in the process until you are comfortable in every area of the gym.
I start all of my clients who are new to the fitness journey with a few weights exercises and a few machines that you can do right away.
I can also introduce you to class style circuits to build your confidence to joining a class for the first time. (and since I teach some of those classes, I can be there every step of the way)

Fiona was in just that situation when she came to me.

Having been more of a couch potato rather than an exercise person, Scott has managed to turn me into a person who looks forward to her gym sessions.
My  goal was to have more stamina, greater flexibility and improve my balance.

Scott is an excellent trainer. He takes a holistic approach to his training looking at your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. He devises a programme especially for you, taking into account your age, work,  dietary requirements and social timetable.

He motivates you when you are struggling and is always helpful when looking for advice.
I now have a lot more stamina, greater flexibility and a healthier lifestyle all thanks to Scott. 

I highly recommend Scott to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer.

Fiona M. age 65 homecare nurse

Looking to maximize your sessions?

Many things can add up to make it feel like you aren’t progressing, or not as quickly as you want to, and it is tempting to think that more time in the gym is the answer. But that isn’t always the case.

Some clients have clear goals, but don’t have the tools to get there like my client Gregor.
When I met Gregor he had a clear goal of passing the Airforce fitness exams so he knew exactly what he had to do, but didn’t know how to get there. Read what he says here.

Before I started working with Scott I had been going to the gym for a year with minimal results, I have now achieved my lifelong goals (passing the Airforce entrance physical) and Scott helped me get there
He’s approachable friendly and takes your goals seriously so if you were on the fence about trying a PT I would 100% recommend Scott.

Gregor S. age 22 Airforce recruit.

Another reason…

Another reason for lack of progress can be niggling pains and injuries that just won’t go away.

These can hold us back in our workouts, interrupt our sleep, or make it more difficult to function in day to day life.
Here is the experience of 2 former clients in their own words.

Before working with Scott my fitness was fairly non existent, I’d taken a year off and hadn’t been eating healthily.

I have increased energy and found my mental health to be in a much better place also with all the work and research Scott put in, I am no longer feeling any joint pain in my hips which is a massive thing for me as I walk a lot but am also stuck at a desk for hours on end.

The biggest result that we achieved was definitely the increase in my mental health as well as my strength pre lock down

Scott doesn’t follow the same routines for all his clients, each service is tailored to the individual’s needs, goals, physical ability, rehabilitation. His proactive approach to finding new ways to train to work with your schedule and equipment is a great help and his research into any physical problems to rectify them is very welcomed.

He’s just an all-round good guy and a pleasure to work with.

Beth age 43 Small business owner.

Over the last 4 weeks, I have attended 3 PT sessions with Scott. The reason for my interest in Scott’s work was a recurring shoulder injury and a problem with my flexibility.

The day of my first PT session, I woke up with general shoulder pain, similar to what I had been feeling over previous months. Scott took me through some stretches, talked me through how to find specific pressure points. I have not felt ANY shoulder pain since. With 15-20 minutes a day I have continued to progress my range of motion and stay pain free!

I would highly recommend having a conversation with Scott about how you are feeling physically, and I guarantee he will be able to tailor at least a handful of sessions that will greatly benefit your life. Scott has given me the basic knowledge to design my own daily routine to maintain and improve my physical mobility.

Sam K. age 29

So What are you waiting for?

I am fun approachable, and love to help people move their fitness forward!

Click the button below for a 0 commitment taster session where we can chat about your experience, your goals for fitness in and out of the gym, and put together a routine that will keep you progressing!

Only after if I am certain that I can help you achieve your goals will I offer to work with you. (also if you have someone you would like to workout with, you can bring them to the session!)

Here is what the next steps looks like;
1. Book a taster session by clicking here or chat with me on the gym floor.
2. Come to your session ready to work out (with a friend if desired)
3. I will ask about your goals, fitness experience and preferences, then share a workout plan with you.
4. IF at the end of our session I know that I can help you, I will share how we can work together!
5. You decide if you want to continue with PT sessions (either 1:1 or group sessions with a friend!)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to lift weights? I don’t want to get bulky.

Weight lifting is one of the best ways to build your overall fitness. There are a few types of goals that don’t require weight lifting, however it is likely that for you to achieve the goals that you things that you want to in the gym lifting weights will be the best bet for you.

however, I always program in a little bit of cardio for my clients to keep their heart health high.

How many times do I have to work out in a week?

There is no set number of times that you have to work out, however working out too few (or in some cases too many) times during a week may slow your progress.
You should aim for 2-4 sessions per week in the beginning, and 3-5 sessions as your body adapts and as your strength increases

Is there a minimum commitment for working with you?

No, I don’t require a minimum commitment, however exercise and fitness are not a “quick fix” and should be viewed as a lifestyle shift to improve your overall well being, as well as bosting your strength, physical fitness, and confidence.
My clients who have stayed committed for 6+ months always see the greatest change and the longest lasting results.

Do I have to follow a diet?

I am not a dietitian or a licensed nutritionist, I will not tell you which foods you are allowed to eat.
I will encourage you to think about the foods that you are eating, and whether a change would be helpful in achieving your goals.
If you want to eat cookies and ice cream, then we can talk about ways that you can fit that into your overall calorie goals for the week, if there is a specific diet that you want to try I can support you in choosing the meals and foods that fit within your eating plan.

“I have more questions”

That’s awesome! Everyone moves at their own pace on their fitness journey, and I am looking forward to helping you get clarity if I can.