Scott White is a life student, educator, and advocate for freedom from personal limits.

His business, GraniteBear Coaching, is helping people upgrade their identity, break through limiting beliefs, and transform their lives through practical faith and prayer.

He is a personal trainer with a love for nutrition and movement, a transformational life coach who loves to see his clients have new insights, a Spiritual Director, and a recreational musician and outdoorsman.

Scott also has a dream – to see love go viral, and to see freedom from internal and external bonds become the global norm.

My Passion

I love deep transformative coaching sessions with my clients, to have someone come in feeling that the world is on their shoulders, that there is something not right in some area of their life. Then digging to the root, finding a lie planted and accepted often years ago. Uprooting that lie by allowing the Truth of God to replace the old belief. People are being transformed!

It is my deep desire to bring health healing and wholeness back into the Church, and from the church to every corner of our society! Too many brothers and sisters in our Church family (speaking locally and globally) are feeling lost and alone, distracted by the enemy, and doubting the truth of their identity as image bearers of God, we allow ourselves to live small, to stay trapped in our limited patterns, to not make waves… And it is time to step up, break free of the prisons that we have accepted and step into the freedom that comes from the truth of knowing God, and knowing who we are in God.

Finally we allow ourselves to be trapped by comforts and addictions, some of these are “acceptable” within the church, (money, food, sleep, cars, social media, food, caffeine, alcohol in some churches, etc) Some are “unacceptable” (Sex, drugs, prescription drug abuse, pornography, alcohol in some churches, etc) I have had my share of trouble with some acceptable and some unacceptable addictions, I have come to believe that God sees them all in the same way, they are damaging to us and to our relationship with Him. One of my great passions is to see Christians free from all of these “numbing” behaviors and distractions that pull our attention away from the loving gaze of our heavenly father.

My Mission

My mission; To help people experience powerful transformation, through practical Faith and Prayer.

Disciplining ourselves to submit to God and to the processes of transformation (heart and mind renewal) Is not always easy or comfortable, it is a process that I have become familiar with only after resisting painful emotions for years under my own power.
The process is not complicated but it is challenging.

I bring my experience to every coaching session to help you bypass months or years of stumbling around searching for the tools that you need to move forward.
In my coaching work I walk beside each one of my clients as we uncover and address all the places in your life that you are hiding, holding back, or allowing the enemy to limit the level of impact and connection that you experience in this world. Helping you to live as a “star, shining in this world” to become the salt and light that the world is so desperate for, and to speak truth and help you find your strength!

Through practical prayer we become carriers of God’s light and truth to the world, becoming the presence of Christ in our families, communities, places of work and worship. We are transforming the world! Will you join us?

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